088 and windows 10 oct 2021

I have an old project that urgently needs to be up and running (will only run on 088) The compact computer - a nuc attached with a touch screen - was inadvertently updated sometime last year by mistake. And the result it seems is Touch will not load - the files themselves or even just by itself.

the boot window shows for a bit then it says it encountered a problem and must close - a crash file is generated.

Does this mean TD 088 can’t work or could there be other possibilities / i sent request to support but no response as yet

any help welcome

This is most likely due to a regression in the Intel GPU drivers. We’ve worked around this in newer 2021 builds, but since you are stuck on 088 for this project, you should be able to fix this issue by installing older Intel GPU drivers. Something from early 2019 will likely work.

Thanks Malcolm, kind of assumed it was a graphics thing. But I ran out of time to solve it so I just inserted my laptop for the purpose. Luckily it’s just an exhibition for 4 days.

The strange thing is that there are 2 Nucs in the project, similar generations (but not the same) and the other machine was fine.