088: From Resolume to TouchDesigner

Maybe it will be interesting for someone.

Being inspired by vvvv.org/contribution/directx-freeframegl-bridge
I compiled a FFGL plugin for Resolume that exports texture into DirectX texture.


  • copy D3DExport.dll into resolume installation directory /plugins/vfx/
  • run Resolume
  • from Effects tab drag and drop the DirectX Export effect onto the composition
  • open directx.toe and have the composition texture imported

As there is no proper way in FFGL to display the handle of the shared texture we have to import this value into TD somehow, however there is no shared mem DAT in TD, so we have to use shared mem chop. It operates float number, but HANDLE type (unsigned int) cannot be accurately converted into float and back, so I use channel NAME to bring handle into TD.

Tested on Resolume 4.1.1 and 4.1.6 and TD88 8440

Current problems:

  • texture arrives into TD flipped vertically (don’t know how to fix it, so additional transformation required in TD)
  • when I add the effect onto the composition in Resolume, its interface stops redrawing until you minimize the window and then maximize it back

I’m not that much of a coder, so the thing may be buggy as hell. I don’t have much time to improve or fix it, so any help is welcome.

The source code is included.
D3DTexture.zip (29.1 MB)

Without source code
D3DTexture_no_source_code.zip (54.4 KB)

Hey 3dbill great work!
im a vvvv user, im quite new on touchdesigner, let me ask you something, with this resolume plugin, i should be able to pull up the texture in vvvv from resolume,
but i need the data of the texture out and the handlenumer , did you test this ?

hey andresc4,

Yes, I did tested the vvvv\resolume plugin and it works both ways. It’s done the way that you dont need the handle, the resolume part of the plugin puts the handle and other variables in a shared memory block, vvvv reads this block and gets the handle. You only need to give the block the same name in resolume and vvvv. Everything should work automatically.

mmm still dont get it…
can you upload a vvvv patch as a example, or screenshot, or tellme witch nodes are you using ?
is this node SharedTexture (EX9.Texture) ?

thank you!

vvvv.org/sites/all/modules/gener … nid=100155

That’s the link where I got it. You can find vvvv files inside

i have those files, im using vvvv to resolume for a long time already, what i want to do is backwards, resolume to vvvv…
on those files the node that are using is SharedMemory and Info, im not getting how to use it backwards

Thanks a lot for the source code, was super helpful to understand directx texture sharing.

Now TouchDesigner supports Spout for inter-application texture sharing with tools like vvvv and Resolume, so that’s an alternative.