099 Experimental Beta 2017.7500 posted

Whoa, big one here, not sure how it all fit into the last week!

New OPs - Helios DAC CHOP for controlling lasers with the Helios DAC and the MQTT Client DAT for connecting to MQTT IoT brokers.

DAT editing in external editors is even more flexible now. If you do not specify an external editor then TouchDesigner will use the OS default for the file extension type that’s set in the DAT’s Common parameter page. Also, saving contents of a DAT out will also use this file extension to save a bit of time.

The Folder DAT has been slow in 099 for some of you, so we reworked it to speed things up and also added a new Async Update mode that does things in another thread to keep from dropping frames. Please report how the Folder DAT is working for you now, we want it to be better than ever.

And lots of bug fixes of course, thanks for your reports!

Release Notes



You all are ON FIRE!

Folder DAT is working beautifully now. Thanks so much!

Hi there,

I’m just getting into TouchDesigner, and am trying to figure out how the MQTT client is supposed to be used.

Unlike the OSC DATs which comprise in/outs with address filtering etc, I only see the option to define the server connection options in the MQTT client, but nowhere to specify publish/subscribe topics. Also, what would then be the mechanism to send data out (publish) to the broker, if there is no “output” object as in the case of OSC or similar examples?



It appears our documentation is not quite complete yet, but there are a number of methods associated with the DAT:

n.subscribe(topic, qos=0)
n.publish(topic, data)

We’ll update the documentation shortly.

[EDIT: The documentation is now up to date:]
derivative.ca/wiki099/index … Client_DAT
derivative.ca/wiki099/index … tDAT_Class

great, thanks! i see the docs have been updated too since then… awesome!

update: just got it to work! here’s a short video showing it in action. i have another application running on a raspberry pi that posts sensor data to the MQTT broker, and have the client subscribed to it and updating a table connected to various other OPs.