1 Commercial license for 2 machines

So considering a commercial license but only if the license allows an installation on a 2nd machine.
Of course only 1 install would be active at any given time.
Is this allowable or is it necessary to transfer the license key every time you use TD on a different machine?

TouchDesigner licenses never ‘call home’ to the server or ‘check in’ to validate, one of the main reasons being TouchDesigner is used often for installation work in the field where there is no internet connection. So because of the static keys, you must transfer the licence with the Key Manager, click disable on your key on machineA then on machineB login and click create.

Alternatively, you can use a USB Dongle which is very convenient. If you already have a CodeMeter dongle for other software you can add TouchDesigner to that, or you can buy your own from somewhere else; these 2 options cost $50usd as “Codemeter Dongle Setup” in the store. The other option is you can also buy dongles from the Derivative store for $180usd.

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Thanks. Ok USB dongle the way to go.

how to get the USB Dongle?

You can purchase your own Codemeter CM dongle from www.wibu.com distributors, or you might have one from other software since they are popular these days. If you get one through your own channels it is $50 to setup your license on your dongle.

We also offer micro and regular sized dongles in the Derivative store, you can find them in the product dropdown list. They are $180 including setup and 2-3 day international priority shipping.