1080 TI vs 1660 vs 2660 ?


I have a small form factor PC (aka VERY VERY TINY CASE) and my GPU options are limited. I currently have an AMD RX580, but it has 4GB of video RAM and slower on certain processes. I know Nvidia has much larger feature support and I want to make the switch in the next year.

I can upgrade to a small number of cards. Since my case has a length limit, the only three cards that would offer enough reason to pay for an upgrade are the 1080 TI, 1660 or 2660. However for short length cards all have 8GB of video RAM. Since this isn’t for gaming, would the processing power matter as much as RAM (and therefore the cheapest option be the best choice?) Or would higher processing power matter as much for RAM and I should aim for a newer card?

The more power the better, and the 1080Ti is a beast! It is also more expensive and hard to find since it is no longer a current card model, so the comparison might be moot. As well, it is also very large card, are you sure you can get one that will fit into your case?