12420 - Export .geo SOP Editor

I try to export an .geo from touch to houdini, i export from SOP Editor and it’s write me this : …geo save errors : Unknown error.
I only can export an .tog but i don’t knonw any 3D package who can read it.
Can i export as .obj ?

Model Geometry : SOP Editor is a really good stuff, but when i match my projection to the 3D model, when i select and move a vertex the translation didn’t update on viewer = i need to release the button see where my point is, and do it blind.

Can create a edges on model will be so cool.
Can i create a group of vertex in the parameter ofSOP Editor ? i try but crash

And a gismo with 2 axes to translate in same time, like this : wow so pretty

Thanks you

It looks like the File Save options of the SOP Editor area not working properly.
Instead can you right click on the SOP itself and select “Save Geometry…”
This will bring up a save dialog.
Select ‘bhclassic’ as the extension type.
This is compatible with Houdini.

I see your issue with having to release the vertex before the update is made.
We’ll make note of that.

Note sure which parameter of SOP Editor you mean?

Our modeler is pretty basic, but we’re happy to make note of these requests, and especially fix any crashes.

Thanks for your input,

Thk Rob.

I just try the ,bhclassic with Houdini and it’s working fine.

i illustrate my crash :

i try to select points and create a group.
i just find the pretty button “transfert SelectionToPattern” in SOP Group, it’s rock !

Thanks for the better example Anodin.
The crash is now fixed, but the dialog itself still needs lots of updating to be useful.
Yes, Id recommend using the specific SOP parameters like the one you’re using now.

The topic is old, but the answer is still helpful. Just in case there is someone still trying to group selected points or primitives in 2019:

The SOP Editor (Model Geometry) still crashes on the latest build (2019.37030) as reported here even if it is marked as fixed.

I think this is what anodin was referring to:

  • right click on a SOP > Model Geometry
  • pick Select & Transform
  • select something
  • click on Parameters
  • click on Group next to Group <— Selection

However, there is another way:

  • create a Group SOP
  • on the parameters, Create tab
  • switch on Number, select Operation > Group by Pattern
  • right click on the Group SOP > Select Geometry
  • select something
  • on the parameters, click on Transfer Selection to Pattern
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