14 Bit MIDI Controllers for seamless operation

Hey there fellow Touchdesigners!
I am currently looking for an alternative to my Launchcontrol XL for live-manipulation of different parameters during performances.

The “steppiness” due to the 7 Bit resolution of the LCXL’s faders and potentiometers was quite challenging for me at the beginning, but my actual workaround is adding a LAG CHOP in the signal chain for smoothing it out a little.

Some newer MIDI controllers are working towards higher resolutions: The Faderfox EC4 has 14 Bit encoders, and I also like the visual mapping through the tiny screens, but I don’t know if, and how, this would be a benefit to my actual MIDI controllers.

I have seen that there is an option for switching between 7 Bit and 14 Bit resolutions inside the MIDI IN CHOP, but with my LCXL this option is greyed out and I have no possibilities for switching the resolutions through e.g. NRPN’s yet.

So my question is: Does anyone work with the Faderfox EC4 and know whether its higher MIDI resolution is translated inside the box and smoothened before it gets into TD? Or is there any other option for changing the MIDI IN CHOP’s resolution to work with smoother transitions?

Cheers in advance for your attention and help :slight_smile:

Have not used the EC4 but I own the Faderfox UC3 and UC4, and they have the same style encoders. The data is not smoothed on input, you would still have to add the lag - but you may not need it because you would have a lot more resolution in the incoming data stream.

I have not at this point used the Faderfox devices with TD, but I would be surprised if it worked out of the box for 14 bit input using NRPN or Pitch Bend. The advantage of the FF system is you can achieve the 14 bits of resolution with another method, using Control Change. This simply outputs two CC messages, one is LSB and one is MSB. You can then reconstruct a 14 bit value by doing the appropriate math on the input messages, combining the two 7 bit values. The ‘<<’ bit shift operator is very helpful here…

Given what I’ve seen using MIDI in TD this is probably the easiest way to go at this point.

If you’re looking for another controller that supports 14 bit I recommend you look at the Asparion D400 system. It’s a modular system of flying faders and uses Pitch Bend to communicate at high resolution. But definitely larger and pricier than the EC4.