2 LEDs separation at border

Hi TD masters!

I got problem such as attached movie, there’s movie separation at LED border sometimes. There’re 2 LEDs, I output cropped 2 movies from 1 movie and using 1 pc.
LED refresh rate is 60 Hz and TD fps is also 60 fps.


I google and check V-Sync is enabled on TD and NVIDIA control panel.

Is there any tips to solve this issue??

Thanks kind help in advance!!

hi shintaro,
I can see your problem, but can you spec your setup in more detail?

  1. are you sending 2 outputs from your TD machine to the LED wall controllers?
  2. are you playing 2 different movie files simultaneously in TD?
    Or are you playing a single Movie File In TOP and using 2 Crop TOPS to create 2 outputs?
  3. are you using a Geforce or Quadro card in your machine?

Not sure if you have already seen all the info in the wiki about tearing:

thanks kind response nettoyeur!!
i write down to your answer below.

  1. yes i am.
  2. i’m playing single MovieFileInTop and using 2 CroptTops.
  3. i’m using Geforce card.

i’ve checked the wiki but still have problem…
super appreciated if you had any kind advise!

ok, thanks for that info. So the issue you are having is not horizontal tearing, but a visible vertical ‘tearing’ as the outputs are not in sync.This means the right output is a (fraction of a) frame before/after the left output. AFAIK nvidia does not guarantee synced outputs on a Geforce card, only on Quadro cards.

The options I see:

  1. use only one output from your Geforce card for the LED wall. Then you can ask the LED Wall supplier if their controller accepts a higher res pixelmap as input which maps to all their screens (maybe 4k instead of HD). This would be the simplest& cheapest solution.

  2. if that is not possible,set your Geforce single output resolution to the resolution of your 2 current LED outputs combined. Use a DatapathX4 to split that signal into two synced outputs, and send those to the led wall controller. A lowbudget option is a matrix Dualhead/Triplehead, but these Matrox units are quite finicky with their driver settings, which can be a nuisance in a live show environment.

  3. use a Quadro card in your machine

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thanks kind advice even on holiday!!

okay i see that it’s difficult to solve with pc and td settings…

i’ll discuss with stockholders, thanks!!