2 mice at the same time in TD

Hello! I’m currently working on a performance piece and was interested in possibly using two mice as input devices to control different things simultaneously. From what I understand, this is technically impossible, because of the way Windows treats mouse devices, and although there is software like Mousemux that allows you to have two mice on-screen, based on what I’ve read, they are doing is a workaround.

So my question is, do you think there might be a workaround for this situation in TD? I thought about somehow making Windows think that the second mouse is a game controller, but I couldn’t find much about that.

If anyone happens to be interested, I eventually found a solution around it with a software called REWASD. It’s not free, but it’s cheap. It allows you to group all of your devices as one virtual device so you use your second mouse to control the “joystick”.