[2019.30790] WebServerDat

I played around alot with the webserver DAT and here are some thoughts:

[list=][]Add the rest of the HTTP Response Header in the response dict. (Content-Type, Content-Length etc. pp)
]Create a simple HTTP-Server to host a Website. I got everything text related sorted out, but struggling with images[/list]

And basically thats it, great DAT :slight_smile:

You can add your own key/value pairs to the response dictionary, the ones there are just the minimum requirement for the response. Anything you add will be sent along in the response header.

However there are some issues with returning images in an HTTP response that we’re currently investigating.

As i suspected but never tried. This makes an awful lot of sense.

One day wasted trying to get it running :slight_smile: Glad you take a look into it.

Also, it would be nice if there would be an WebSocket disconnect recall.

Yeah you’re right, an onWebSocketClose callback is missing. I’ll add it for the next experimental release.

We’ve fixed the issues with returning images, or other byte data, in the ‘data’ field. This will be in the next experimental release, 2019.31140+.