[ 2019.37030 - x64 - Win10 ] Line Mat Scaling oddly

Hi, first of all, this bug may or may not be related to the other bug I posted a while ago about the line mat and scaling normals etc. This is similar, but the fancy graphics and line widths scale with the object being scaled resulting in lines that almost disapear, or grow distorted and weird looking as scales diverge from uniform.

So if I have an object who’s scale Y is 4, and X/Z is 1, the arrow heads will be distorted proportionally to the scaling of the object.

Here’s a few screen shots of the distortion at a few places. The first pic is with uniform scales:

lineMat_ScaleAspectBug.1.toe (4.1 KB)

We logged this bug with the other normal scaling bug you reported. Thanks for the reports.