2019 Build on Mac OS Monterey

I am trying to run a 2019 Build of TouchDesigner on my Mac running Mac OS Monterey.
The program crashes on startup with the report showing:

Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Python

As Python 2.7 got thrown out of Mac OS with the update to Monterey, this is understandable.

I did install 2.7 manually but it ended up in the wrong folder.


instead of


Due to Apples System Integrity Protection, I can’t just make a simlink.

Is there any way of running TD2019 on my machine? Does it really depend on two different versions of Python? (Python 3.5 is already included in the .app package of TD)

I have a TD Pro key with updates until Feb 2020.
Hence the effort to get the legacy version running.

Thanks in advance!

One of our sub-dependencies had that as part of their dependencies built-in. The requirement has been fixed in newer builds, but unfortunately you’ll need to update to get the new builds.