[ 2020.20020 - x64 - Win10 ] Drag to resize container by edge bug

Fairly inconsistent results, seems buggy but hard to pin down further! In the attached file, try dragging the black bar separator between containers to resize the top red container. resizing up seems to work, but resizing down produces intermittent results.

ResizeContainerByEdgeBug.2.toe (4.0 KB)

I’m seeing the same problem, same build. Like you are saying, it seems like if you are dragging inwards from any side it’s fine, but when you drag outward and the mouse slightly drifts off the panel it goes crazy.
Drag_Issue.tox (662 Bytes)

yeah well put! that’s the same problem I’m experiencing.

might be related to this: Window with borders but no header

Yea he may have been seeing this bug. The app that I noticed this on works fine in previous builds.

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Thanks for the report, now in our system for a fix sometime.

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Any news on this? It worked fine before the 2020 release and sadly makes my lunochod component currently unuseable (except I try to implement another system.)

Consistent misbehavior in the 2020.20265 build. Worse still if the component has drag to re-position is on. Example attached.

container_resize.tox (694 Bytes)