2020.20620 - win 10 - window opening size parameters broken


Automatic from panel COMP/TOP doesn’t seem to work, instead it uses the width/height below.
Also setting to “fill” it sort of works, except it starts by throwing a “invalid window size specified in /perform in popup”.

opening.toe (4.3 KB)

Thank you!


I am experiencing the exact same issue. Did you find any sort of resolution?

This was fixed a while ago as reported here: FIXED: Win10 2020.24520 Window opening size "Automatic from Panel COMP/TOP" broken for TOP?
I just confirmed it is working in last year 2020.28110 and this years 2021.10330 builds in a new empty file.

However, I have seen a case where the Window COMP in an old file becomes somehow corrupted and does not open correctly. Could you try replacing your project’s Window COMP with a new one and see if that clears up the behavior?