[ 2020.22080 - x64 - Win10 ] - 4 different resizable perform window bugs

I have a few separate bugs to report here surrounding the way window comp’s resize from the edges.

  • dragging from the right edge works as expected, but it is the only one for me that works as expected.
  1. Dragging bottom edge seems to not track with mouse, and jumps erratically sometimes.

  2. Resizing window from left edge is scaling the size, but not offsetting at the same time, resulting in incorrect behavior:

  3. Attempting to resize from the top edge fails, if there is a sub component set to move the window.
    I realize this may not technically be a bug, but imo we shouldn’t need to leave a gap between the top edge and the title bar of a window, instead is it possible to have the resize functionality supersede the move functionality when there’s a conflict between the two?

  4. If I turn off the title bar, the top edge resize seems fairly broken here too, where it seems to be a compounding of problems, where same as #2 happens, but in addition to that there’s some cumulative acceleration of sorts causing the window to continually resize even though the mouse stops moving.



Adding this to bug tracker

Not sure if this should be a separate issue, but I’ve noticed a few seemingly related bugs when trying to implement a styled app bar with <window>.borders == 0:

  • <panel>.vieweraspect seems to be ignored when dragging from a corner, it’s constrained regardless of what the value is set to
  • Setting <window>.size (Opening Size) to custom prevents resizing from borders entirely
  • Resize interactions from the windows os seem to be ignored:

With borders turned on, everything works as expected.

Hi @llwt
I can confirm the second 2 issues, but in the first case I actually find the opposite, indeed panel.vieweraspect seems to be ignored but in my case it is always unconstrainted, not proportional. Maybe I set my parameters differently than you did so if you have an example file I’d be interested in trying it as well.

I’ve logged these bugs, thanks.



Here’s a repro for the viewer aspect issue.

ViewAspectIssue.toe (3.4 KB)

Yeah, when I run this the resizing is always unconstrained. Strange.

Yeah, Windows 10 and the latest touch.

Sorry I spaced when writing this and should have been a bit more clear.

If I drag from an edge it treats it as unconstrained, but if I drag from a corner it treats it as constrained.