[2020.25380] WebClientDAT Streaming DATA from redirect download_status lags behind

So, I just encountered the issue. I implemented a redirect based version of downloading on my backend via a specific endpoint. So the returned statuscode is a 302.
When accessing the file directly the onReceive callback and the download_fraction in the infoCHOP are in sync, so when the last chunk is delivered the infoCHOP will show a 1, so I know when the last chunk is delivered and I can close the file.
When I acces it via the redirected endpoint the download_fraction will lag a little bit behind. Because of this I cannot check the status of the download after i have written to the file but instead have to rely on a chopExecute on the infoCHOP and check if the download status is 1, which can be a probleme with very small files because the downloadState is not resetting and will not change (on small files)