[ 2020.25380 / win10 / x64 ] Some kind of recursion error with extension StorageManager use?

This screen shot should show you the entire picture:

If I turn dependable to False, this issue goes away:

from TDStoreTools import StorageManager
TDF = op.TDModules.mod.TDFunctions

class lol:
	lol description
	def __init__(self, ownerComp):
		self.ownerComp = ownerComp

		storedItems = [
			{'name': 'StoredProperty', 
			'default': None, 
			'readOnly': False,
			'property': True, 
			'dependable': False},
		self.stored = StorageManager(self, ownerComp, storedItems)

		self.stored['StoredProperty'] = {'hello':'world'}

	def Get(self):
		return self.stored['StoredProperty']

storage_recursion_error.1.toe (3.9 KB)

Interesting case! Thanks for the example.

We have found a fix but have at to put it in the 40k experimental builds at this point. You can expect it in the next 40k build we post.

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