2020.28110 - Engine COMP crash on re-init

Touchdesigner often crashes to desktop when re-initializing the Engine COMP

Running 2020.28110 on Windows 10 Home x64, Intel Core i7 9th gen, RTX2060, 16gb ram
No crash/recovery file is generated

Steps taken in empty project to reproduce the problem:

  1. load the following tox file in Engine COMP: base1.tox (790 Bytes)
  2. Attach nulls to outputs for viewing
    → re-init does not cause crash.
  3. use the custom parameter page to load a new movie
    → new movie is loaded
  4. re-init the Engine COMP
    → Touchdesigner quits

The tox file contains just a movie file in top and a movie audio chop connected to outputs.

Tested on 2020.45520 experimental, same crash but this time it did generate a dump:
TouchDesignerCrash.2020.45520.1.dmp (286.9 KB)

After some more testing and tweaking the parameters:

  • not consistently crashing when pressing Init.
    crash occurs also when pressing unload or when deleting the Engine COMP from the network

Tested in 2020.20020: crash does not occur

Thanks for this report.

Thanks for the report and for testing in different versions.

I’ve fixed two potential crashes around deleting an Engine COMP, but I’m struggling to recreate a crash on Init or Unload. Looking at the .dmp file you did get, I’m guessing that happened deleting an Engine COMP rather than on Init or Unload.

If you can recreate this easily, it would be helpful if you could follow the wiki instructions to capture a dmp file crashing from Init or Unload. Thanks!

I’ve seen this happen recently as well (either 2020.28110 or 2020.27360, can’t quite remember) . In my case the only connecting factor I could determine were possibly re-initting during a reinit, or possibly having the info chop from an Engine comp used as part of the dependency chain for re-initting the same Enigne Comp. I’ll try to capture a dmp if it happens again.

Hopefully this is fixed in 2020.46540 - if you still see issues there then let me know, thanks!

Working in 46540,
thanks for the fix!

Just a little RFE on the sie, can we get the initialize, unload and start parameter as methods?

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