2020.40290 Text TOP Slug method: font change can cause freeze of >17 seonds

2020.40290 Windows 10, Nvidia 970M

When Text TOP is set to Scalable (Slug method), changing fonts often causes (short) TD freezes. Depending on the size of the fontfile this can be much longer - I have some larger ones which take over 17 seconds until the TD freeze is over. The fonts are read from a M.2 NVME SSD drive.

Attached some example fonts in zipfiles

4-second-freeze.zip (243.9 KB) 17-second-freeze.zip (1.2 MB)

This freeze should only occur once, and then the .slug file is cached. I do plan to look into ways to improve this though.
Let me know if you get a freeze on files more than once though.

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@nettoyeur Just FYI, the pause is not from reading the file but actually creating the glyphs from the font file, so larger fonts have more to calculate, as malcolm said we’re looking at possible ways to improve that but SlugLibrary was a recent addition.

understood Ben, and note this is not an issue at all for me, I’m just testing the experimental build and pointing out everything I notice

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And please continue, its important to hear everything! :slight_smile: