2020.40290 zooming into COMPs feels off

2020.40290 windows

In the network editor, zooming into COMPs feels a bit off.

  1. normally while zooming in, as soon as the COMP covers almost the whole view, we move into the internal network. But the 40290 build, while zooming in to the COMP, and the COMP is already covering the whole view so the whole network editor view is already black, I need a few more scroll moves to dive into the internal network

  2. when arriving in the internal network there can be a flash or somewhat strange initial zoom movement to get all the nodes into view.

  3. zooming out feels fine

There was a change to this on zooming in. We are all still of different opinions on the change so let us know what you think.

ah ok. In that case my feedback is that I’d prefer the switch to the internal network to happen as soon as the COMP covers the whole view (as in previous releases) - because so far I see no pluspoints in having to scroll a few more times while the COMP already covers the whole view, until it finally switches to the internal network. And the minus point is that it slows me down. Or am I missing something which is possible now because of this?