2020.46540 BUG: Replicator misbehaving when using increment


Replicator COMP “recreateall” pulse does not work when its “increment” par is set to 1.
In attached example it always creates just 2 replicants, even though it should make 5.
As soon as one disables the “doincrement” par, all works normally

How to reproduce:
Pulse the recreateall par

grt, Idzard

2020.46540_bug_replicator.toe (3.7 KB)

Hey @nettoyeur

Thanks for the report.

I can confirm that there is an issue. I’ve added it to our backlog for a developer to look into it.


In TD12800, consistently the Replicator COMP doesn’t run its onReplicate callback when incremental update is set 1, and sometimes it doesn’t fire them when set to other values in a non-deterministic fashion I can’t figure out.

Additionally it appears that the Replicator doesn’t create all the objects expected based on the template when Incremental Update is on (in my case it’s creating 2 out of about 33), but when Incremental Update is off and nothing else is changed it creates all the objects specified.

Bubbling this back up- any progress on a fix or can anyone recommend workarounds? Doing some heavy replicating and I think this feature would help.

This bug should be fixed in the experimental build.