2020 Macbook with Arm Processor

I’m in the market for a new computer and for a variety of reasons need to get a Mac. The news about the upcoming Mac processor and GPU upgrades look promising (but we don’t count the FPS before they cook). Sorry, I’m a dad AND a nerd.
My question is - Does Derivative have a plan for TD compatibility with the new Macbooks with Apple-made Arm processors when they launch? Anybody heard or know anything? Alternatively, how long of a wait should we expect for this once the hardware is available?

Yes we’ll be supporting new the new Macs, however we are not able to get these systems until they are released, so TouchDesigner will not be ready day one. Once we get a machine we’ll be working on it, it will take a few weeks at the very least.

Thanks, Ben! And, perhaps with the unification of Apple’s product line architecture, this means a TD Light for ipad could be in the future???