2020 Macbook with Arm Processor

I’m in the market for a new computer and for a variety of reasons need to get a Mac. The news about the upcoming Mac processor and GPU upgrades look promising (but we don’t count the FPS before they cook). Sorry, I’m a dad AND a nerd.
My question is - Does Derivative have a plan for TD compatibility with the new Macbooks with Apple-made Arm processors when they launch? Anybody heard or know anything? Alternatively, how long of a wait should we expect for this once the hardware is available?

Yes we’ll be supporting new the new Macs, however we are not able to get these systems until they are released, so TouchDesigner will not be ready day one. Once we get a machine we’ll be working on it, it will take a few weeks at the very least.

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Thanks, Ben! And, perhaps with the unification of Apple’s product line architecture, this means a TD Light for ipad could be in the future???

you guys rock man, i got the M1 mac mini ordered! will keep test and send feedback

I got a MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) , macOS have been upgrade to Big Sur ver 11.1. TouchDesigner Build is 2020.44350. The first bug I encountered is that the geo1 comp is dimmed. I believe there are more fix work should be done for the new Apple CPU.

I just bought the new MacBook Air M1 and when I try to display some experiments, it is actually rendering in 4fps… even with the real-time option enabled. Is this happening to somebody else? TouchDesigner is still not improved for the new chip architecture?

Could you give more information on ‘what’ you are trying? It has been running okay under Rosetta for a number of people, but it has not been ported yet due to many dependencies TouchDesigner relies on not being updated yet.

I’ve been using TouchDesigner on my M1 MacBook Air and it seems to work fine until I try exporting a project. I’ve tried exporting to my computer but the file is nowhere to be found. Does anyone else have this issue, or knows how to fix it?

So, what your progress on m1 chips?

@phiomy We worked on it at the end of 2020, however there are a number of dependancies that TouchDesigner requires that are still not ported to Apple Silicon. One of those was updated this month for support, so we plan to look at this again soon.

What do you mean “exporting a project”? Do you mean exporting a movie recording or simply saving the file? Thanks

I need to buy a mac computer for a museum installation, and i plan to use TD to delay a live video camera (7secondes) with cache TOP over a BM mini recorder.
Your post suggest to do not buy an arm mac yet, and stay on intel for the moment ?
Thank you very much for this clarification !

If you are only willing to delay the video feed with cache top, I think the TD part will work fine fine under Rosetta. But I would be way more careful about the BM mini recorder, not sure the drivers work on M1 and you will need a pricey adapter anyway.

Having the same problems with shading in TD 2021. TD 2020 does work like expected here, so perhaps you could switch to that version. I´m on 2020.28110 and everything works like charm.

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Thanks for the info @ben. Is there any way we can follow the progress of the native Apple Silicon compatibility without needing to searching the forum/prompt for updates—some kind of status page or similar?

No there isn’t a separate page for that. But since you posted here you should be notified when there is an update to this thread (default notifications anyways) and we will post an announcement here as soon as it is ready.

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Light comp doesn’t work, I have last version of TD. Air M1. If I install previous version of TD I can repair this???

@luhai and @kingkongsy and anyone whose Mac displays dark geometry, please try 2021.12360 with a fix for this, we how it addresses all systems but the only way to know is hearing from you.
Thanks for your patience.

I switched back to windows due to the MBP M1 being a very impressive device except when it comes to realtime 3D :slight_smile: So no possibility for me to check back, sorry!

Any chance / plans to get this working on macOS Monterey (M1)? App doesn’t open at the moment.