2020 versions crashing on startup

Hello, I’m doing an update on a machine that was previously running TD 2017.16620.

When running the latest build on this machine, it just straight out crashes. The icon appears in the taskbar for a split second and then disappears. The machine does not yet have a valid 2020 commercial license, but no license error or splash screen shows.

I went back a few versions and the last TD version that still works is 2019.20140.

It’s Windows 10 Pro x64, version 1909, build 18363.1082. I was trying to update to version 2004, but Windows Update does not show that as available. I could try to force the update otherwise, but not sure that should be necessary.

The Graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, driver version 452.06.

When running TD 2020.25380 with Windbg, it ends in a critical error:

Critical error detected c0000374
(664.500): Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
00007ff8`838f91b2 cc              int     3

But that doesn’t seem much to go by. Do you have any ideas?


Hey, can you use the latest build of 2020.20000 series, use windbg again and save a .dmp file out of it? You can .zip it and share it with us via dropbox or something, and we can determine exactly what is happening.
More info here too:

Hey @malcolm

Jumping in.

Strangely when WinDbg is on, TD seems to start. I was able to see the Key Manager window.

I sent you guys an e-mail with some extra infos.



  • CodeMeter runtime was out of date somehow and was causing the crash on startup
  • Not quite sure why the Codemeter update didn’t install alongside the TD install.

I didn’t opt to install CodeMeter along the new version of TD. It was already installed and running, though not for TD but there was a dongle connected for X-Agora. I assumed that TD on a software license didn’t need to bother with CodeMeter :slight_smile: but good catch.

Thanks for the update, we’ll look into it. We always check CodeMeter as well since it’s possible a different license has been plugged into the machine. Such as a Designer license to allow working on a machine that has a software Player license installed.