2021.11180 excessive memory usage


I have a project file running on a laptop with rtx2060, and exactly the same project on a desktop with a 1080ti. the laptop seems to be consuming way more memory. The laptop is runming TD 2021.11180 and the desktop is on 2020.20020. if I open it on 2020.28110 on the laptop, the memory usage becomes about the same as on the desktop so I believe it might be a bug in the new version.

Files are too large to attach so I uploaded them to google drive:
Zip with assets and scenes included: Project Ring Memproblem.zip - Google Drive
Seperate toe file: Ring Projection Render V21.toe - Google Drive

Thanks so much for the sample. I’ll be fixing this soon.

I’m curious, if you delete all of the COMPs in your file, what does the memory usage go down to? Also, what is the memory usage in a fresh project for you? I definitely see higher memory usage which I’m looking to fix, but I don’t see the huge 4GB+ I saw in your facebook post

I have for now uninstalled 20201.1180 because I need to work on a project and don’t want to accidentally open and save it in the newer version, But I will get back to this after that’s over.

Ok thanks. I’ve made some large improvements so far, 700MB ->100MB on the default empty project by loading less fonts. Still very interested in looking more into your case though

2021.12360 is now posted with this fix, both CPU and GPU memory usage is greatly reduced.

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Awesome! Thanks for the constant improvement cycles!
Any chance there will one day be incremental updates with a smaller download size? I’m on a limited data plan ^^;