[2021.13610 Win 10] Window Title bar color update based on Windows theme

I notice that in Sublime Text 4 it’s title bar respects the Windows light/dark theme found in Windows Settings → Colors, regardless of window focus state.

Looks like in Windows 10 20H2 Touch’s bar turns dark when in focus, but once it’s out of focus it turns white again. Would be great if this was consistent between focus states. Or perhaps it is and I’m just configuring something incorrectly?

On a related note, I notice that on a fresh install of Windows 10 1903 Touch’s window title bar does not turn dark at all, regardless of color theme (light or dark) chosen. Is this something Microsoft has been rolling out very slowly, or how does this whole app dark/light state business work with developers?

tl;dr Sublime 4 has a great window title bar, can Touch replicate that one? :smiley: