[ 2021.13610 - x64 - Win10 ] - DAT out initial data missing with engine using independent clock

When an engine comp, configured to use an independent clock, loads a tox containing a DAT Out that is not actively cooking, the DAT Out is empty until the internal DAT cooks again after the initial cook.

Interestingly, this sometimes doesn’t happen for the first load of a toe file. Some sort of race maybe?

I’ve attached a repro that:

  • loads a comp with a table DAT attached to a DAT out.
    • This comp has a cook pulse on it that will append a row into the internal table forcing it to cook
  • Calls initialize on the engine after the first start to consistently reproduce the issue

with_initial_data.tox (566 Bytes)
IndependentInitialDataRepro.toe (3.9 KB)