[2021.38110] MacOS - OP Create Dialog strange color

i´ve been encountering strange colors in the OP Create Dialog.
On High Sierra OS (mac Pro with a Nvidia 1080ti GPU) there are the colors completly off (first screenshot) also the network background is the checkerboard if it is missing a texture.
and on Mojave (macbook pro) there are missing the borders (second screenshot)

I don’t think there is much we can do about your MacOS-Nvidia setup, that is such a rare combo and we don’t have such a setup. You can make sure you are running the latest drivers Nvidia release for macOS here: NVIDIA DRIVERS Quadro & GeForce macOS Driver Release 387.
The problem is these drivers are from way back in 2019 and Nvidia is no longer supporting them, and since experimental 2021.38110 is now using a completely new Vulkan graphics engine that will require latest driver tech from Nvidia, it is safe to assume Vulkan apps will be poorly supported on macOS-Nvidia combination, if at all.

Regarding the Macbook Pro on Mojave, better news there. Please make sure you are running 10.14.6 with the latest secutiry updates applied from July 2021. We are still working out a number of border drawing and alignment issues in 2021.38110, many of them are fixed now so please try the next experimental we post and report back. If it is still an issue after the next post, can you share more about your setup such as the monitor and resolution you are using and the Display Scaling settings you have set in Display Preferences.
Thanks for your patience.