[2021.38110] UI glitches out when hovering over dialogs

Macbook Air M1, macOS Monterey 12.0.1

UI glitches intermittently out when mouse hovers over dialogs. When the mouse is moving it will flip back and forth between being glitched, and it is only glitched about 10% of the time when moving the mouse. If the mouse is stopped it stays either glitched or unglitched. Behavior was noticed on 2021.38110, and the problem went away went I downgraded to 2021.15800. The glitched out window in the screenshot is the OP Create Dialog.

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Hello @SeanKnight

Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce this issue at the moment.

With Mac Mini M1, Mac OS 12.0.1, TD Build 2021.38110.

Do you use some kind of dock or do you have an external monitor connected to the Macbook Air?

Thank you for your time,


This is a known issue in 30k experimental, please refer to the Release Notes for a list of Known Issues.

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@JetXS I did not have a dock or external monitor connected at the time. The glitching only affected the popup window, not the entire screen.

Thanks for the confirm, yep, same here.