[2021.38110] Widget Parameter Binding - Updating Range of Bind Master Doesn't Update Widget's Range

I’ve created a super simple example which hopefully will make it easy to recreate this (attached below).

I’ve got a sliderHorz within a container, and have created a parameter binding via dragging the widget onto the container’s Component Editor window. When I go to change the Range Max and Clamp Max of the container’s parameter, it updates on the container as expected, but the widget’s parameter does not follow suit.

In the attached file I’ve tried setting the Range Max and Clamp Max to a value of 10, which is working correctly in the container’s parameter window. However if you then check the Component Editor window for the sliderHorz widget, the Value0 parameter Range Max and Clamp Max are still set to 1. Likewise moving the slider in the viewer will only output values between 0 and 1.

Also tried the sliderVert and slider2D widgets and ran into the same issue.

Double checked in 2021.15800 and following the above steps does succesfully update the sliderHorz’s parameter range/clamp values in that version. Let me know if you could use any further info!

Bug - Widget Bind Reference Parameter Range.toe (1011.5 KB)

Thank you for the report. Adding this to the experimental bug list

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Will be fixed in next experimental release.

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Awesome, thanks for the update!