[2022.26590] 2 x Kinect azure crashes the whole system

While testing the GitHub - alex-Arc/TDAzureMerger: A component to merge point clouds from the Kinect Azure devices after a while the whole system crashes

When you say the system crashes, is windows itself stopping or is it just TouchDesigner that is stopping?

Did you get a dump file when it crashed. If so, you can send it to support@derivative.ca and we can take a look.

If there was no dump file, do you notice anything about the memory usage while the system is running? In the Task Manager, on the details page, you can monitor the ‘Commit Size’ to see if there’s potentially a memory leak that could be leading to a crash.

Yes it is all of windows so no dump file. The mouse is unresponsive and ctrl+alt+del dose nothing.
I am running a test now and will keep and eye on ‘Commit Size’