[2022.26590] Midi In not working

The input shows up in the MIDI Console but not in the midiin chop
opening the same in 2022.25370 it works fine

Same exact issue here on an M1 Mac. Seeing MIDI just fine in the MIDI Device Mapper’s console but the midiin CHOP isn’t responding live to MIDI interactions.

When I adjust MIDI Map, any values changed since the last time it was adjusted will show up in the midiin. But there is no impact on the CHOP as I turn dials/press notes.

Device ID is set correctly as a parameter of the CHOP (when it’s not, I see a “Could not open the MIDI interface” warning).

Update, I’ve now learned the word for this is: under-cooking. midiin under-cooking on M1 Arm build, with an Akai Professional LPD8 and an Alessis Vmini (same issue both devices). Updates fine when I force-cook.

Which build are you using?
There’s a link to the latest build in the above post, in which the issue has been fixed.