[2022.28040] Animation editor crashing

Occasionally when I add a new point in the animation editor my project crashes.

Furthermore when I add a new channel via right-clicking on a parameter I get:
“Unable to remove specific export from node: /projec2/null4
Turning off the node’s Export flag instead” — this null4 is connected to the output of my Animation comp and this is where the channels are exported from. As soon as I re-enable the export flag everything is fine, so not sure why I am getting this.

Hey @function.store

I am unable to reproduce so far it seems.

Feels like you got a specific project in that state. If you start a new default project, can you reproduce it easily?

Do you get any .dmp files out of the crash?


Hey! No I cannot reproduce, and it’s also occasional. Haven’t found the trigger yet. Here’s the dump however:
TouchDesignerCrash.2022.28040.3.dmp (354.5 KB)

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Thanks @function.store

I’ve logged an issue for a developer to look into the .dmp file.


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