2022.32120 - Normal Map breaks PBR Material

Hi Guys,

Whenever I apply a normal map to a PBR material in the latest builds it’s just going completely black and not applying. I’m pretty sure it’s broken as if I turn on rim lights or anything else they don’t work.

I’m on windows 11, running an RTX 3070ti laptop model and I updated my drivers to the latest 531.18

Are you getting the yellow ! mark as well on the render top? or is it black for the material preview also?
This is what I get when I try it:

but this is because there’s no tangent attributes, need the attribute create SOP to make these if it doesn’t already exist.

With that enabled, it works for me in 32120.

Is it just a specific map? or any map? Warning or no warning? error in material preview or just in render top?

You’re right, I was using the camera viewport and completely forgot about tangents and the warning was hidden down in the layers…doh!

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