2022.32120[Win] keyboardInDAT

KeyboardIn DAT keyboard’s layout related stuff.

When the keyboard pressed Shift+1 it returns ‘!’ key value (in my case) instead of ‘1’. And key value depends on keyboard layout.

Assume it affects shortcut parameter as well, for example:
shift.2 will never work but shift.@ works as Shift+2 shortcut.

Hey @letsius

What kind of keyboard do you have ?

AZERTY, QWERTY, something else ?


Hey Michel,
QWERTY, this one:


Yes, this was intentional for some of the special characters like @. The idea being that the shortcut isn’t shift-2, it’s @. This would means that @ would work regardless of where it is on the keyboard.
Admittedly, maybe it isn’t the right way for things to work, and we should more closely follow the web API standards for this. We’ll discuss more internally

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