[2022.33910 Win10 22H2] Ouster TOP provides distorted data with FW 2.5.1

This is actually a duplicate of this post. Reason why I’m filing it as a bug is that it renders last-gen (Rev6, FW 2.5.1) sensors unusable with TouchDesigner, not to mention current-gen (Rev7) ones, and because RFE’s seldom gather an official response from the team. This issue is a show-stopper in our current project pipeline and we’d love to hear an official response on whether this is going to be worked on…

I responded more in the other post, but we do have an experimental release available that overhauls the existing Ouster node to use their newer SDK since the original system we used is being deprecated by Ouster. It is still a work in progress, but users are welcome to try it:

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Hello Rob,

There’s the same problem now with 2.5.3 firmware.

Is there any guide anywhere of properly configuring Ouster to work with Touchdesigner?

Like combination of Firmwares, profiles? It’s quite critical for professional application. Would you care to share what’s your current status of settings that work?


For anybody looking for an updated version of the Ouster branch, this version is current to the recent 2023.11600 release: Dropbox - TouchDesigner.2023.11624.420.exe - Simplify your life

This version is requried for sensors running version 2.5 or newer firmware.

It is still the hope to merge the Ouster update into the official release, but we don’t have a timeline on it at this point.

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