[2022] Callbacks not copied

When I try do run a deepcopy on a Dependency object, I get a copy, but not the list of callbacks, which are empty on the copied Dependency.

dependeableObject = tdu.Dependency( 1.0 )
dependeableObject.callbacks.append( lambda info: debug("CHANGE", info))
dependeableObject.val = 2.0 # Change printed to Textport

from copy import deepcopy

copiedDependeableObject = deepcopy( dependeableObject )
copiedDependeableObject.val = 3.0 # Change not printed to textport

myFunctions = [ lambda: debug("Fooo")]
copyMyFunctions = deepcopy( myFunctions)
copyMyFunctions[0]() # Foo printed to textport.

2022 ?

I assume this doesn’t matter and was tested on latest?

This is also tested in 2023 with the same behaviour.
(Still using 2022 though.)

This is logged to be looked into.