2022 Laptop recommendation

Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a high end laptop for TD. I saw a MSI Stealth GS77 (GeForce RTX3070Ti Laptop GPU, GDDR6 8GB , 105W with Dynamic Boost) and cost around USD $3400.

Is it good enough? Or any better suggestion?
Thanks a lot!

I’ve been really happy with sager, they make high end gaming laptops with dedicated GPUs not the hybrid optimus stuff which has been known to create problems for some. Just be warned their laptops are huge! I personally look for this because I want good cooling and ventilation but it depends on you.

Be wary of small form laptops that boast a rediculously awesome sounding spec… they might technically have that hardware but with our adequate heatsink size or shared heatsink between gpu/cpu can run into trouble on very demanding projects when the system throttles your hardware due to temps.

I have had bad luck with this on an old razer laptop for example

Yeah like lucas said, stay away from Razer. Sager is pretty good bang for your buck but to be honest I wasn’t impressed with their support when I had issues with my machine.

Usually I recommend the Asus ROG series for high performance at a low-ish cost and Lenovo Thinkpad for something lightweight and a bit more sleek. I’m a big fan of the Thinkpad keyboards and they’ve proven to be pretty durable. That’s what we issue to all of our employees.

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May I squeeze in? My Topic would have the same name.
What do you think this Laptop for TD, as an allround Workstation. Working with quite some Tops with (maybe 4K?) footage, Blobtracking and similar:

I am Sorry, Its only in german.