2022 TDAbleton Not Connecting To Network PC, but 2021 Is Connecting

Hi! I downloaded TD 2022.28040 and created some new graphics to connect to a new Ableton Project. It worked great on one PC. However, despite downloading, installing and troubleshooting everything on my second PC, I can’t connect the new 2022 TDAbleton (v1.50) to Ableton running on the first PC. Strangely, my other projects which were created with 2020 Touchdesigner and running on 2021 work just fine still. I had set those up earlier this year. I’ve spent nearly a whole day troubleshooting everything including the firewall settings, just in case. But, it definitely seems to be an issue with the 2022 version of TDAbleton/Touchdesigner I’m using, since those other projects are still working and communicating over the network just fine.

I’ll also send a log file!

One last couple details I didn’t mention. I’m using Ableton 10.1.43. I can successfully connect TD and Ableton via TDAbleton if I do it on each PC separately, instead of trying to connect the two PCs. (But, I need to connect the two PCs when I livestream because my first PC CPU gets overloaded by everything going on with it, and running the graphics on a separate machine solves that problem for me)

Finally, the second PC is a custom win 11 laptop (2022), the first is win 10 pro

@GrayBeat getting TDA setup right is sometimes a struggle, I know. I can’t comment on your log but in your current project, did you start up Live first, then TD and toggle connect in TDA parameters? Make absolutely sure the ports and IP addresses match in TDA Master in Live and in your TD parameters shown here. Usually that is what I have done wrong in the past.

Note yours might be different than this, but make sure they match. Also set up fixed IP addresses for each PC if you have not done so already - so they are always the same place. Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the reply! Yes, I’ve definitely tried that, albeit many times over. And, I definitely have double checked the ports. I’ve connected them together successfully many times over the years and I’m completely stumped this time.

by the way, the IP seems fixed. The TDA Master has the same IP address for me on both devices. It matches. However, in the other projects that are connecting between devices, the IP address is set slightly different, maybe due to an old TDA Master unit being in there. I wish I could try and older TDA Master unit, but the only one in the MIDI Remote Scripts folder for Ableton is the new one.

nope. found and tried the old remote scripts and found the old TDA Master on the new project. still doesn’t work.

Not exactly a permanent solution, but I figured out a workaround finally.

On the second computer, I had to take the guts inside my new project, including all the nodes inside of TDAbleton, except for the main TDableton node. and put them inside one of the functioning older project’s Tdableton package, delete the nodes that were from the old project file, and resaved it as a new project.

Well done. Sorry I was taking a computer break yesterday, but I noticed today I have a mismatch on my versions with Live TDA V1.23 working on my Mac, and TDA V2.0 on my PC - but it still works. Maybe if I update it won’t?

Another thing I tried in past in debugging was to try TDA with both Live and TD on the PC, to see if they talked ok that way. But anyway, I guess your problem is solved for the moment…

Ah, good point. Yes, it’s a gamble, but not a risky one I presume. Luckily Derivative is great about keeping a repository of historic builds and also allows for parallel builds! I currently have a version of 2020, 2021, and 2022, with the latter two also on the second PC. So far, I haven’t seen a need to keep 2020, as 2021 is very similar. 2022 however, is a quite a big upgrade and uses new technology and codecs. In the future, I will just have to wait to build new projects in 2022 to avoid this issue I had here. Easy enough solution for me :slight_smile:

On a side note, I had a much worse problem yesterday that had nothing to do with Touchdesigner, but my NDI setup with OBS. Now, that was scary. NewTek, maker of NDI does NOT keep a repository of builds and it also overwrites your previous version without warning or allowing for a parallel setup. I ended up having to go find one of their old versions online in a weird, but seemingly secure place after four hours of hair pulling, just to get back to a working condition.

Closing this! Thanks, Gord :wink:

2022 has 2 TDAbletons now, you should see both in your TDAbleton folder in the palette. TDAbleton 2.0 is for Live11 only, you will have to use the legacy one found in the Live 9 + 10 folder for Live 10.

I would recommend deleting your TDAbleton installation and reinstalling it since you might have mixed components from various versions unintentionally. The TDAbleton documentation tells you where things are installed so you can go empty those folders.

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This does sound like either an update issue or a version mismatch issue. Glad you found a workaround. If you have further questions, feel free to tag me in forum posts.

I have found that it is generally a good idea to stick with one TD version throughout a project. It shouldn’t be a requirement to do so, but it often saves some upgrade troubleshooting time!