2023.10000 Experimental Builds launched 🚀

We’re excited to announce the first experimental build of TouchDesigner 2023 is now available!

Experimental builds are where new features and concepts in TouchDesigner get trialed and refined before making it to Official Build status.

Important things to remember

  • Files saved in Experimental can not go back to Official reliably.
  • Features are subject to change or even be completely removed, don’t rely on something staying as-is.
  • There will be many bugs, and probably crashes, these builds are in early development and meant as a preview of new features for you to try out and give us feedback on.
  • Read the Backward Compatibility notes, learn what has changed.
  • For performances and project deliveries, always use the production ready Official Builds.

Those experimental warnings aside, please head over to the Release Notes and check out the long list of new features, tweaks and improvements, and bug fixes we are bringing in 2023.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new features! What do you like? What don’t you like? All comments and suggestions are welcome. Please post your bug findings in the Bugs Forum.

Release Notes

Download Experimental


This is awesome :slight_smile:
Just a note that the link to a discussion about improvements for working with externals in the release notes appears to be broken :frowning:

(un)broken link

Hey @flowb

Apologies about the delay here - this should now be available.


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ooo Bloom TOP seems like it’ll be fun to play with

Thanks Ben

So many awesome improvements. Working with external files using paths relative to COMP is a dream come true :slight_smile:
I was curious to see what old reinitnet.pulse() will do in new series and it seems to execute fine, so I am guessing it is somehow mapped to enableexternaltoxpulse.pulse() for backwards compatibility?

@monty_python Yes, it’s calling the enableexternaltoxpulse.pulse() !

Glad you are happy with the feature.

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When do you think we’ll see TDBitwig return? I saw this video where a user had TouchDesigner 2022.34030 connecting to Bitwig, but I don’t see that build on the website.

For OAK-D, the documentation states:


The example file is DepthaiTestSuite.toe. Instructions and tips are inside the file.

Is this file available anywhere?

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We have not publicly released this tool yet, but the dev are working on fixing some remaining bugs and you hopefully will see it soon.

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Hi Ben, I won’t be in a condition to test the new experimental build yet but could I know a bit more about the VST timestamping feature?

Is this used to drive internal VSTi sequencers along with the new timecode tools?

Following that and perhaps a bit off-topic, has there been any thought into timestamping messages from the MIDI in DAT or MIDI in CHOP? I’ve had much difficulty achieving sample rates higher than the session’s frames per seconds.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Is this used to drive internal VSTi sequencers along with the new timecode tools?

The Playback page parameters can be used to drive a VST sequencer.

In the latest experimental build, MIDI in the Audio VST CHOP allows for sending/receiving timestamps through the audiovstCHOP.send and onReceiveMidi callback respectively. These are expressed in plugin-specific units, typically sample number.

No plans at the moment to add the same feature to MIDI In DAT/CHOP but it’s something we are considering.

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Is the LeapMotion Controller 2 compatible with the latest TD ?

We don’t have the new hardware to check it with the current version of TD, but we are working on updating to the latest gemini drivers which should support it. I don’t have a timetable yet when that version will be available, but hopefully in the next one or two updates of the experimental build.


Hi, I’m also after the same file for experimentation with Oak-D.
Any luck?

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+1, would like to look at DepthaiTestSuite.toe please

The file is in \Samples\OAK of your installation folder. It’s now named OAKExamples.toe.