2023.11510 Mac M1 Sonoma. Crash on replicate


2023.11510 Mac M1 Sonoma.
This crash happens from time to time.
I assume it is caused by replicator or when replicator replicate something for instance textures, and triggerd by python code.
Here is and example to reproduce. I noticed it happens more often if you are inside the ‘all’ COMP, as on video. Sometimes it is need 5 times of recreation, sometimes 30-50 to get this…

instancesCrushLowV6.toe (11.3 KB)


I replaced replicator with python script an it still crashes:
instancesCrushLowV7.toe (11.4 KB)

Here is an example without crashing:
I added 1 frame delay between creating texture sources and creating geo instances.
instancesCrushLowV8noCrush.toe (11.6 KB)

Hey @letsius

Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce both on MacOS and Windows.

I will log this to be tested on other machines.


One of our dev was able to repro, being looked into.

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This crash is tricky but I think it’s now fixed in 2023.11700. I haven’t been able to reproduce but I did find a similar crash that may be the same bug.