2023 Official Update - 2023-12-04

2023 Official Update

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congrats! :partying_face: excited to dive in

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Great, I’ll no longer need a duplicate HAP of all my ProRes files!

awesome release, thank you so much Derivative!

Dear @ben and the rest of the @Derivative Team! Great work on your update, I really appreciate a lot of these new tools! I am a big fan of your broad integration of different devices since my work has always dealt with input and output devices bridging the physical and the virtual. Furthermore I am really looking forward to check out the new Engine COMP functionalities since I tend to use them more and more, they are a gift when it comes to more complex and simultaneous calculation and processes - I might start to integrate Logging now too :wink:

All the best from Berlin!

Huge! Thank you, guys! Great work. Will however, Prores work as good as HAP on windows?

Camshnapper, KantanMapper and Stoner are not working in 2023.11290
Be careful before upgrading, project saved with last version REALLY doesn’t open properly in ancient version, principaly because constant Chop loose multiple channels and channel names.
I made the mistake to upgrade during a workshop I gave in Paris (to show proRes inport/export), and it was necessary to redo all one day work :-(.
A bon entendeur…

Great implementations and QoL improvements :space_invader:

@jacqueshoepffner Thanks for the heads up. I am really interested in this release, but will hold off during show prep…

Depends what you mean with work as good as HAP.
Prores is an intermediate codec - meaning it’s mainly used to transfer media from one editing suite to another with the least amount of quality loss.
HAP is mainly a lossy playback codec - meaning its goal is to playback the most pixels/sec using the least amount of resources.
Apple Prores has GPU encoding/decoding in TD but only on Apple hardware- see the release notes

Thanks for pointing this out. I downloaded the update on a test machine and so far I’ve noticed that within katanmapper it doesn’t allow you to edit textures.

I also found that within the projectorBlend component only the first projector’s tools work. Looks like the others lost their links to parameters?

I’m on a macbook pro m1 running Mac OS Sonoma 14.0.

Hi @jacqueshoepffner, could you contact us at support or start a thrad in the bugs forum. All three of those components were tested before release, so we’d like to know what isn’t working for you. And importantly the Constant CHOP which uses sequential parameters should be working, but sequential parameters were a huge change so we’d like to see your files and diagnose the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, can confirm edit textures isn’t opening the correct window on macOS, we’ll get a fix ready right away.

Hello Ben,
Sorry for late answer but I am teaching TD full time at the moment.
The bug on edit window in KantanMapper and CamSchnapper appears on Mac and Windows (Windows 10, nVidia 1070 last driver).
The problem on chop constant is when regressing from 2023 to 2022 : multiple named channels regressing to unique chan1 channel. (Windows 10).
Thank you, Jacques

Hi @jacqueshoepffner, thanks for the added notes.

I’m looking into the Constant CHOP, I have trued 4 or 5 2022 .toe files with multiple named channels, and they are all loading into 2023 with the correct channel names. Could you pass me a .toe file that is acting up for you, or send it to support if you can’t share it publicly. It could be something with the way your channels are being used or setup, at any rate we are keen to get a hotfix for any such problem as soon as we can reproduce it.

Hi @jacqueshoepffner,

I can reproduce the blank window issue on kantanMapper but not with camSchnappr. Anything specific in the setup or just straight dragging in camSchnappr and opening the edit window?


@ben from what I read above it seems @jacqueshoepffner is only expriencing this channel issue when saving projects in 2023 builds, and then trying to open those 2023 projects in older 2022 builds…which is not recommended to try nor supported afaik.

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Yes, that was the problem but, since I worked in 2023 during my workshop until I discovered the KantanMapper and CamSchnapper bug, I tried to get back to 2022. I know it was not recommended but with precedent update it was still possible with some problems. Here with 2022/2023, they are huge problems and crashes and it was the reason I was preventing others.

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Oh I see, sorry for the confusion. Yes, in previous years it was not recommended, but this year it is not supported at all due to the change in parameter definitions. Unfortunately this was not possible to support with the addition of some of the 2023 features.

As per release notes and announcement article
:warning: Project .toe files saved in 2023 Official builds can not be loaded back into previous versions of TouchDesigner such as 2022 or 2021 builds.

Hi @jacqueshoepffner,

the blank window bug for the Texture Edit in kantanMapper will be fixed in the next release. I cannot replicate your issues with camSchnappr and stoner. Do you have any extra information or screenshots? All the windows are blank for you?