2077 Open Web Archive // An Interactive Art Installation

Hey Forum,

I just finished my first piece in Touch Designer and wanted to share it with the forum. The piece was exhibited at the ITP Winter Grad show.


From a technical standpoint, the installation involves:

  • a rotary dial telephone modified to communicate via serial and audio interface
  • a Touch Designer server for visuals , projection mapping and managing phone interaction
  • an additional a python server for voice recognition via cloud speech api and data collection via giphy api.

For those interested in the concept:

2077: Open Web Archive is an interactive art installation set in a possible future where the internet has been reduced to an archive in a pile of trash. The piece is an interface for a speculative internet; a possible outcome from the corporatisation of online space.

On encountering the installation, the participant sees a ringing telephone. The voice on the telephone explains the internet is now an archive maintained by volunteers. The user has two options, they may search the archive by voice or request for more information about the system they are interacting with.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the forum and particularly to Matt Ragan who helped me complete this project and discover this wonderful software!!

Would be interested in feedback on this. Particularly the documentation - I have never done anything like this before so I hope it is clear to people who didn’t attend the show!


Thanks for sharing, a very ambitious project for your first one! Interested in how you used the speech and giphy APIs

thanks :slight_smile:

I used the cloud speech api to convert user speech to text, and then I used the output of that to search the Giphy api for gifs that were fed into TD for image processing :slight_smile:

Hey @sam_hains I am doing a similar project for my masters but instead would not be using the Giphy api, just want to visualize the text coming from the cloud speech api and then manipulate it. Been looking around but couldnt really find a clear tut how to set the cloud speech api up in touchdesigner, could you help me?

Sorry for bringing up such an old post btw, but couldnt help it!