2D Array TOP To Technique

This is somewhere between a nifty technique, and a feature request…

Recently I was looking to do TOP to with UV coordinate style lookups, but was working with a texture 2D Array as an input texture. A little shader solves that need - accepting a 2D texture Array, and a sampler buffer and returning a CHOP of rgb vals.


It’d also be nifty if this functionality was available in the TOP to CHOP :grimacing:@ben - I know you’re up to your :eyes: in RFE, but I thought I’d pass this one along anyway.

base_uvw_to_rgb.tox (1.3 KB)

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This will be available in the 2024 version of TouchDesigner, thanks for the suggestion!

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So excited to see this come back around! :tada:

Thanks for incorporating this idea.

Woooow I’ve been looking for exactly this to pull patterns for linear LED fixtures from textures I’m generating.