3 x 4K videos on a mac mini M2 Pro

Hi! I’m trying to understand if touchdesigner is the ideal support for my app: I need to play 3 vertical 4K videos simultaneously (or one big 6480x2160 video spread into 3 vertical 4K displays).

Do you think that a mac mini M2 Pro will be able to play it? I have tried to play a 6480x2160 video in an Macbook pro M1 Max and it collapses during development already :S (using the demo license)

According to apple, the displays can be connected, but I don’t know if the hardware/software will be able to play it


@fumarmata did you ever figure this out? Did you ever buy the mac mini M2 pro? I am interested in this machine too, and what it can do. The Mac Studio M2 sounds like it would have enough power for you to do this, from a quick read on Apple Website. Yes I know it is expensive…


I ended up using the mac mini M2 Pro but with openFrameworks. It played the 3 x 4K videos flawlessly.
As I didn’t get an answer about actual limitations of the software and the only way of knowing it was paying for a license… I used openFrameworks that I’m familiar with and could easily try it.

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There are no limitations on the resolutions TouchDesigner can play, except for the limitations of the hardware. But what TouchDesigner can process and what the hardware can output are two different things. Mac products have a lot of built-in limitations on outputs. For example, an M1 can do 2 4K whereas M1 Max can do 4 4K outputs. We didn’t have a Mac Mini M2 Pro to verify this with unfortunately.

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@fumarmata Thank you very much for this information - sounds promising! I am not familiar with openFrameworks but will look into it.

@ben Also great info. I was hoping to use three of the four Thunderbolt 4 outputs of Mac Mini 2 Pro to drive three projectors like fumarmata did. But mine don’t have to be 4k, just full HD stereo 3D. If I can do that without data processors like Matrox TripleHead2Go or Datapath X4 etc I would prefer that. Ie: direct out from MacMini2Pro.

And just one idea: Would not Apple send you a free Mac Mini 2 Pro for keeps or on loan to use to further their sales for TD customers? I know a lot of youTubers seem to get free loans or keepers for doing a review… I really hope Derivative continues supporting those of us who love Macs AND PC’s both! I like my Macs for audio work and Final Cut Pro editing etc a lot. And they have always been ultra reliable for me for over three decades of mac computers. I think us beginner artsy types often love Macs…although I realize some PC developers detest them (unfairly I think).