3 x portrait projector set-up: advise please

Dear Touchdesigners,

I am really hoping one of you guys can point me in the right direction.
I am working on a project in which I need 3 x 1080x1920 projectors running as an extended screen. I also need them to be in a portrait orientation running horizontally around an 2/3’s of an octagonal room.

For context I will be using a 15” razor with an RTX3080: and the overall project budget isn’t huge….
There seems to be a few options for this. With lots of folks pointing to either the Matox THTG or a DataPath Hx4.

The DataPath looks good, but is outside our budget, and I have read about several issues reported with the Matox, in particular setting it up in portrait.

Has anyone any experience doing something similar, with the THTG, or could offer any advice on how to go about this effectively. I have also read about using the Nvidia Surround options built in, but I am wondering about display port limitations, will I hit the Razors output limit without one of the above converters? Again, any pointers would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.


I read in the spec of 15" / 3080 thats there is 1 TB4 and 2 USB-C.

Normaly, you could output one screen for each output
On my case (MSI stealth GTX 1070), I can output 3 separate screen (HDMI, mini-dp, TB3) but I can also use my matrox TripleHead2Go DP edition on three screens but I tried only with horizontal screen (works perfectly) but you can stay to that and turn the 90° in TD.
I little bit more infos can help us, precise model? are the screens forming one image? etc.

Hey Jacques,

Thanks for your swift reply. It is appreciated.

It is good to know I can connect 3 projectors at a pinch.

I will explain the approach I am considering.
I intend to create a single TD output with a resolution of 3240x1920 which would then be projected across the 3 projectors with some mapping to fit better into the space. It will be projecting point clouds (From Lidar Scans) which are interactable using a Kinect 2 device. I have done similar projects using a single output projector but am seeking a more immersive experience with this one.

I know you can create a single stretched canvas using the THTG with a pixel dimension of 5760x1080 but on further reading, achieving the same for the dimensions I am after is (Apparently) very problematic. Mainly because the THTG is end of line and not supported by matox. The Quad Head to Go is too pricey for this project. I can pick up a triple for £300 GBP but a quad is £1400.
I am reluctant to buy it if its not a workable solution….
Another option would be to get an alternative dock, which has a 1 in 3 out display option, such as

(Or a cheaper alternative)

Hook up the three projectors and use the Nvidia Extended display options to create what I am looking for, as seem to be able to both extend and rotate… I am very new to Nvidia though so again, not sure on how effective this might be. (I only moved to a PC last month after 15 years on a Mac…)
Thanks again,

I dont understand why you need to have 3240x1820 on matrox, you can make what you want before, cut it in 3 vertical slice, rotate each slice 90°, assemble it as 3 x 1920x1080 and send it to the matrox. It works.

HI Jaques,

Thanks for the advice, I will give what you suggest a go. I was just concerned about the negative reviews/comments associated with the Matox device.