30 Python easing functions, with CHOP output, ready to use (some improvements wanted)

I’ve missed a simple easing function component in TD, so I decided to try to create one!

Here are the easing functions I’ve implemented:

Am I correct by saying that the Expression CHOP only works with one-liners that don’t use any libraries?

Anyway, here’s a screenshot and project file:

30-python-easing-functions.2.toe (6.8 KB)

To do:

  1. This should be converted to a reusable component. Hopefully I’m not too far away with this setup.
  2. The slider selector for the easing functions is cool, but even better would be a 6x5 radio button setup, with each button showing what the easing function looks like.

If you have any further feedback, ideas or improvements, please share!