3D geo's orbiting a sphere. How to make them all face 'out' from the center of the sphere?

Edit : Found the object chop and I think bearing measurement is getting it done.

Hi everybody,

Trying to set up a project where there is a central “globe” that has “satellites” around it. The ‘satellites’ are all in fixed cartesian 3D positions that are defined by the latitude and longitude of a city beneath. What I am trying to do next is automate the rotation of these ‘satellites’

Where I am running into trouble is the rotation of the satellites in relationship to the globe. What I want is all of the ‘Satellites’ 3D geometries to face “out” from the center of the globe. I’ve included a few images to help describe what I am looking to achieve.

I’ve tried a few things but seem to be chasing my tail a bit, some direction or general idea of where to get started would be much appreciated!

Example 1 - No rotation to sphere

Example 2 : Rotation to spehere

Hey @drjpdx,

the trick might be as simple as changing the Transform order from the default “Scale, Rotate, Translate” to a “Scale, Translate, Rotate”. This way you can position the Satellite first in “space” and then rotate it into lat/lon position around the earth’s center.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the tip Markus!