3D LED light incomplete display

Hi everyone,
I built a 3D LED fixture by TD (pixels: 60x60x60), and I made some dynamic effects inside the Geometry, I am trying to map the effects to 3D fixture.
Top with all points coordinates, some Render Select, and connect to GLSL Multi, got a Top with RGB;
I got 3 Top from camera direction: X, Y, Z, and connect to Composite, got final top; and 3D LED is running well with the final top.
But the question is the effects with the 3D LED fixture is not perfect, the effect is incomplete.


LED_Mapping.toe (39.7 KB)

Have you looked at the pixel mapping video(s) on the TD YouTube. That might be a good place to check, but unfortunately I’ve no experience with this otherwise.

Thanks, I almost searched all relative videos on youtube :joy: