3D mouse model and connectivity with TD for workflow ( no joystick chop )

I’m curious if any of you manage to use a 3D mouse in their workflow, (moving (pan tilt zoom ) for cameras, lights, geo, particules* etc )
i’m not interested in using connecting it through a joystick CHOP but really wondering if there is a native behavior when activating those operators*…
Do you think it’s worth buying one and which model to improve my TD workflow?
There 's a former post on versioning and compatibility but it 's 2 years old already…

thanks a lot for your user feedback,
ps: i’m MacOS for now…

I haven’t used it much personally since then, as I have gotten much better navigating geometry viewer with 3 button mouse. The 3D mouse takes quite a bit of time to get used to, but it is still a great device. Here is an updated link showing it working on mac. https://gord.smugmug.com/Visual-Music/Visual-Music-2022-Art/Visual-Music-RD-2022/Visual-Music-Experiments-2022/i-SDT9mMP

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