3D objects from clones don't cast shadows

Hey. I Generated these gears through a replicator but when these clones are gathered in one render located level higher, they don’t cast shadows. I added two extra geometries to the scene: one small circle in front of gears and one bigger behind to visualise the issue.
In each clone the gear can cast shadows.
Any ideas how to fix it?

Hey @youngkapar,

because of them being inside Base Components, my guess is that they are not being picked up from the Light COMP’s “Shadow Casters” parameter. Or did you fill them in separately there as well?


Thank you Markus @snaut ! That was it! So for the poeple that might be interested in the future. In the “shadow Casters” parameter that is located in the Shadows page of the Light COMP by default there is “" which means" take all the components from whatever geometry and cast shadows from them" that is inside of this base. So it requires a reference to the geometries we want. In my case it is "sruba/geo*” so "take all the geos from all the base named “sruba”